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How to use Alternate Email And Variable

Insert your content in the mail with a variable on the list.Following figure:

Use Alternate Email

First, The user to create multiple email and Save, and before sending email added those emails to Alternate Email list. When Send email, the system will randomly remove email from the Alternate Email list to send.

Note that if you choose the rotations "allowed to cross title", then all title and content are separate, send email message may use the title of A, but the content is a C email.

Automatic mixing text

As indicated in Figure below, If you select "Automatic mixing text", the system will automatically add some characters into your email. Variable density from 1 to 9, the larger the value the more dense.
Automatic variables are random, so that may affect the visual message.


Variable is divided into system variables, text variables and field variables.
system variables: {Date},{DateTime},{Time},These variables are inserted in the letters in the mail will automatically replace the current date and time, can not be modified. As above, the first picture, insert a {Date}, if the current date is 2009-11-10, it will be replaced by 2009-11-10.
text variables: If set up variables {mytext}, the corresponding value is "XXX company." , when send email it will be replaced with "XXX company."
field variables: If the email list have "name" field, you need to send "XX Mr / Ms:" Such a personalized email. Then you could build a {name} variable. Note that the field variable must be created before import, otherwise the system will not import the "name" the content of this field.
Then, in the appropriate place insert the contents of the letter {name} variable, it will be automatically replaced with the email recipient's name .
The first line of text file should be field names.

Note: Variables can only use letters and numbers, but also can not have spaces. The following figure: